Stockholm Shell Game Scam

Beware of the scam gamblers. Each summer they appear on the main tourist streets in Stockholm running their theft and gamble operation. They have a blanket with three boxes. Beneath one of the boxes they have a small ball and they want people to gamble money on where the ball is hidden. The thing is, it's a trick. There is no way you can win against these guys because there is no ball. The guy with the game only pretends to hide the ball under a box but instead he is hiding it in his hand.

Remember "Street Gamblers" are always thieves no matter where you go. You can't win against them. They have rigged the game. When the gambler picks a box he obviously picks an empty one because all of them are empty. When the ball seems to appears from one of the other boxes, it really comes from his hand. It's not a game, it's a scam set up to rid people of money. The guy with the game usually also has some friends in the audience whose job is to pick other tourists pockets when they stop to watch the game.


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