Man Shoots Through Door At Would-be Burglars Posing As Maintenance Workers

A Texas man opened fire on a pair of suspects who tried to break into his home over the weekend in a wild scene caught in doorbell footage.

One of the suspects, Aaron Contreras, knocked on the apartment door of Ethan Rodriguez on Saturday evening and claimed to be a maintenance worker there to check on the filters in his air conditioner, according to doorbell camera footage and an affidavit obtained by Fox Dallas.

Rodriguez, who was inside, answered the door via a digital doorbell app on his phone and claimed that no one was home, the video shows.

A few minutes later, Contreras came back with a handgun and attempted to kick down the front door to Rodriguez’s apartment, according to the clip.

A second man wearing a mask ran up the stairs and also tried to kick in the door, the footage shows.

Within moments, Rodriguez grabbed his gun and opened fire from inside his apartment through the front door — sending the men running.

The resident fired off several rounds and the video shows bullets striking the concrete wall across the way. Contreras fired two shots in response before he fled, according to the station.


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