NASCAR Star Kyle Larson Makes Opinion Of Taylor Swift Very Clear

Ahead of this Sunday's race at Darlington, NASCAR star Kyle Larson revealed that he recently attended a Taylor Swift concert. 

DARLINGTON, S.C. -- Kyle Larson made one thing clear: He's no Swiftie, even if he did surprise his daughter with a birthday trip to Paris this week to see Taylor Swift in concert.

Larson was in Paris with his family when they decided to see Swift perform live. He revealed that his daughter is a huge fan of the 14-time Grammy Award winner. 

"I had never gone to Europe before and it just lined up nice where we had a smaller window to make it there and it was my daughter's birthday," Larson said. "She's been wanting to go see Taylor Swift, and I've been wanting to go to Europe and it worked out. And so I kind of crashed that party because originally it was supposed to be like a girls trip. And I wanted to go."

After making this admission, Larson was asked if he considers himself a Swiftie. 

“I don't feel like I'm a Swiftie at all,” Larson said Saturday at Darlington Raceway. “I do appreciate her music and how hard she works, but I'm not a Swiftie."

Larson also told reporters there were a lot of men "dressed uniquely" at the concert. 

Even though Larson wasn't "dressed uniquely" as he put it, he did have friendship bracelets on his wrist. That's usually the go-to move for fans attending a Swift concert.

Larson is coming off a thrilling win at Kansas Speedway. He'd love nothing more than to win yet again this Sunday. 

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