Moms share why they’re ready to burn it all down in Taylor Swift-inspired TikToks

 “I’ll tell you something right now, I’d rather burn my whole life down .... ”

Taylor Swift’s "But Daddy I Love Him" is the anthem for fed up moms.

“I’ll tell you something right now/ I’d rather burn my whole life down / Than listen to one more second of all this bitching and moaning,” Swift sings on The Tortured Poets Department.

“Taylor wrote this song for moms everywhere,” one mother wrote on TikTok, one of many videos in which moms adopted the song as their rallying cry.

Fans have speculated that the track is about Swift’s rumored relationship with Matty Healy, the 1975’s controversial frontman. Moms on TikTok, however, are leaving no room for interpretation. As they sing along to “But Daddy I Love Him,” a caption appears on the screen spelling out their exact parenting gripe. 

Here are some things that make mothers want to burn it all down (besides their bickering children!)

  • “Moms being told ‘I don’t want this’ after spending an hour+ preparing individual meals for the kids upon returning home from working 8+ hours and commuting for an hour in road construction traffic.” 
  • “All the judgy moms in fb groups.”
  • “When someone says ‘just let him skip a nap’ or ‘stay out past bedtime.’”
  • “Unsolicited parenting advice.”
  • “POV: You are invited to a house party. Them: ‘Just bring the baby.’” 
  • “When it’s the end of the day and you’re overstimulated, your child isn’t listening, and everyone is asking why you have an attitude.”

Moms are also having a field day with Swift’s “I Can Do It With a Broken Heart,” which goes, “I cry a lot but I am so productive, it’s an art.”

In TikTok videos, moms are shown doing a variety of tasks (think folding laundry, cooking, typing at a computer) all while taking care of their kids.  

"Let’s do this new week working mamas!" one person wrote on TikTok. "Thank you @taylorswift for the most relatable lyric of all time." 

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